Sea Gate Hotel

White Sand Ballroom

Sea Gate Hotel is an iconic place located at kaluthara, where you could have royal hospitality services and wedding planning to appreciate from the moment you handover the responsibility to Sea Gate. We offer professional advice in organizing Wedding and other official functions against a stunning and ancient backdrop. Designer decors and elegantly appointed furnishings are common features in Sea Gate Hotel.

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You can enjoy everything from a spacious White Sand Ballroom to a beautiful outdoor terrace when you host your ceremony or reception. Step onto our modern outdoor terrace and enjoy the breeziness.


White Sand Ballroom

  • Day use room for dressing and changing
  • Traditional oil lamps
  • A bridal settee and a Coffee table
  • Registration table
  • Cake structure table
  • Band stand and dance floor
  • Serving trays for cakes
  • Gift table with attendant